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Product Reviews

I’m not always one to write a review, but this product 100% deserves it. I suffer from psoriasis, affecting lots of my skin, particularly on my hands. I struggled to even do everyday tasks as my skin was so dry and sore. Hand creams just weren’t making a difference and even prescribed products weren’t easing it.
After getting these I can say, my hands are totally transformed. They feel amazing on your skin and have made life-changing differences my skin.
Totally recommend.


My daughter has Eczema. Normally when she gets a flair up we have to resort to steroid creams but I'm so happy to report the Kunewyk bar is working!!!


Lovely soft hands and shiny nails thanks to my new moisturiser bars - Thank you @kunewyk


About Kunewyk

Welcome to the home of Kunewyk. Impassioned about the benefits of skincare using only natural, sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging in an effort to protect the planet.

Here you can purchase the nourishing range of Kunewyk moisturisers, all eco friendly, natural ingredients and handmade on our farm in Dorset. We also offer you the chance to purchase eco friendly skincare and accessories by like minded businesses. All skincare products have been lovingly handmade in the UK.

Kunewyk (Cune-Wick) was the name of part of our farm in Dorset during the Saxon era. The ethos behind the brand is to grow and plant trees on the farm in an effort to protect our planet and wildlife.