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Hello and welcome,

I'll keep this and all future blogs brief as we all lead busy lives... and also with two young children I lack the time to write a full essay!

Kunewyk started to develop in late summer 2019. We are beyond fortunate to have a beautiful farm located in Dorset. The farm is currently home to sheep, Red Devon cattle and horses (Not forgetting the pet dogs, cats, chickens and tortoise!). But no woodland apart from trees dotted about in the fields and hedgerows. You may also recognise the house as Farmer Tom's house in the children's series Tractor Ted (My son and I even made it into the music video!)

Since becoming parents, our focus changed to making the world a better place for our children and all future generations. Having the land, we decided that we will aim to return as much of the farm to woodland as possible, build more hedgerows and to look after the wildlife that is already here and to hopefully introduce new wildlife. 

I also love making things - it keeps my mind ticking over, it's great for mental health and I've been able to make some great products which benefit us as a family and also as gifts to friends and family. I'll be sharing these recipes with you as all are chemical free, eco friendly and help towards a more sustainable way of living.

With my sons dry skin, I developed an all natural moisturiser which we all love using. Here came the idea for the Feel Good Do Good Kunewyk Moisturising Bar. I want to offer an affordable, chemical free product, which not only nourishes skin but the proceeds will go towards planting trees on the farm.

Next, we are looking to offer a Dedication Woodland where a tree can be planted to celebrate any life event. We can plant it or you can plant it. This makes a very special event and family get together (even in the pouring rain!)

So there you have it, a brief story to Kunewyk, currently not yet a year old and already have planted hundreds of trees as a start, nearly 1000 saplings growing in pots which I planted through autumn last year, from seeds found on the farm.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, look at our site and if you are making a purchase, thank you for making the planet a greener planet.


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  • The Feel Good Do Good moisturising bar hasn’t left my side since I started using it last month – my hands say a big thank you!


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