Autumn activity for all!

I have been thinking about what a positive difference we could all make to the environment if every household grew a tree from seed this autumn. 

So I'm setting a little challenge for the next few weeks - and it's easy to do - next time you go for a walk, collect an acorn or conker and plant it. Simple. This is a great activity for half term (Ok I know it's a quick one but I have a tip to make it last into next year...)

Collect an acorn which has already sprouted a root. They are all trying to root like crazy at the moment and it breaks my heart that not many will become a tree as the seed will ne eaten, trodden on or mowed.

Take this acorn home and pop it in a narrow topped clear container ensuring the root is in water. Pop it on your windowsill. Children and adults will be mesmerised at how fast the roots grow (And isn't it wonderful to watch how incredible nature is?). We did this last year and the tree was already a few inches high by the end of November! Next year, pop it in a plant pot with soil and when it's big enough, plant it out somewhere you know it won't be cut down. 

Just keep the container big enough for the roots and keep the water clean - you don't need anything else to keep it growing.

So please help me and the planet by growing a tree. If you're in, please tag me in your efforts as I'd love to see it! Between us all we can make a small but positive difference to the planet. Thank you :)


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