DIY Eco Friendly Face Wipes

Ever considered making your own plastic free face wipes? It’s easier than you think!

You will need:

• Glass mason jar
• 150 ml distilled or cooled boiled water
• 100 ml witch hazel
• 1 TBS Jojoba Oil
• 1 ml tea tree oil (optional)
• 1 ml lavender essential oil (optional)
• 14 muslin squares cut to your preference or eco pads / wipes

Mix the water, witch hazel, jojoba oil and essential oils well. Fold the fabric squares into your mason jar and pour the mixture into the jar mixing as you go as the oils rise to the top.

Simply pop one out every time you want to cleanse.

I recommend making a 2 week supply for freshness purposes and you will not look back!

Essential oils and oils I get from Naissance as their products are not only top quality but sustainably sourced.

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