Skincare by Kunewyk - About Us


The Story of Kunewyk (cune-wick)


Natural skincare was never on my agenda. However this all changed when my son was a baby and was covered head to foot with eczema. Alongside some dietary changes and desperate to avoid steroid creams, I researched and developed a solid moisturiser for him. Compared to all the shop and pharmacy bought creams, nothing worked for him unlike this. Only natural ingredients - Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax did the trick. His eczema is thankfully under control and he loves using it. Say goodbye to lotions pumped up the walls by a toddler!

Now I am constantly making and creating all natural skincare products for myself, family and friends. Because nothing is more nourishing than what nature has to offer. No water content means your skin stays hydrated for longer and a little goes a long way.

If I make a product I really love, you will find it added to my DIY skincare blog. All easy to make at home for you to enjoy. Some I'm keeping under wraps as you will find them in my online shop later this year!

Importantly, not only is the Kunewyk moisturising range delightfully softening (especially for those dry hands and feet), it is eco friendly and waste free. To make it an even more guilt free purchase, proceeds from each sale of the solid moisturisers go towards tree planting in Dorset. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to not only moisturise but to heal, repair and protect.

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting a small business!